Really, more snow!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010 |
A winter weather warning hey?  Hmm... Just when I was starting to get all excited about an early Spring this year.  I really do set myself up.    It is NEVER EVER early!!  See!!!

So as I am listening to the wind howl and posting the pictures I took just a few days ago, while out in my yard bare foot, I will not have my spirits dampened.  I will post my beautiful pictures anyways because in a few days we will be back to being green. And although you might want to hurt me for saying this, but I actually did have a small surge of " I love this cozy kind of stay in the house with a blanket and candles on, kind of weather"  But enough of that.  Spring, bring it on!

I have tulips popping up (we'll see if they survive this storm):

My daffodils are out:

But while I am waiting for beauty outside to co-operate, I am creating my own Spring indoors.  My little seedlings that I planted a few weeks ago are growing furiously!

My tomatoes are out to a great start, and it's amazing how quickly they will become large plants (so remember what they look like when they are small, because they grow up so fast!)

And I am trying to have my little herbs grow in my window again.  Last year we had a cat that kept digging in them, and they never grew.  This year we have a two year old, so we'll wait and see.  But at least I can see sprouts this year!!

And as an extra, I grew wheatgrass to fill my window with Spring while I wait for the outdoors to catch up to my enthusiasm.

Yes, green is a wonderful sight, 
so whether or not it snows again, and again, and again, 
I will enjoy my indoor gardens!


Victoria said...

Wow, I can't believe it's actually snowing somewhere! I get tired of all the warm weather here in So Cal sometimes because we never get a chance to be cozy and drink hot cocoa so I'd take a few days of snow if I could:)

Charity said...

Sounds good. We'll swap for a few days!

CourtneyKeb said...

Haha we dont' even get that down here [South Louisiana] in the winter, none the less Spring.

Your plants are all so cute.
Isn't it so much fun growing and waiting for the results, like your pretty daffodil!?!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just found your blog today and loved it. Very beautiful. Can't wait to read more. Good luck with the plants.

Recaptured Charm said...

Ohhhh your poor confused flowers!! What a shock to them. I though we had it bad here in Toronto, but we haven't seen snow in quite a while! Hope your little plants do alright.
Thanks for dropping by today and leaving your lovely comment!

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