A Pink Vanity

Friday, April 2, 2010 |
So, I found this mirror in the thrift store, thought it was neat and left.  That night I had a dream about what I could do with it, and by morning I was just hoping it was still there.  I raced over when it was open and bought it.  My daughter was invited to a birthday party, so I decided to make the mirror for her friend.  Here is the before:

I peeled the stickers off that were on it, and wiped it down.  Then I screwed two metal hooks in the sides.  I bought the hooks in a box set at the dollar store.

Then I primed it.

And painted it pink, with some of my daughter's paint she got for Christmas, which I bought at the dollar store (that place is handy!)

I also found these cute tin containers at the dollar store.  3 for $1.  They were already pink.  I had some scrapbook rub ons that I hadn't used, and decided to use these to label the tins.  It went on really well!  Now I have something else I can use them for besides scrapbooking.

Cute!  I bought her a necklace, ring, air clips, and filled one tin with change.


I hot glued some scrapbook flowers onto the top of the frame.  The birthday girl's name is Gemma (so cute!), so I also used a rub on to personalize her vanity.

A rundown on cost:
Mirror: $3.49 (thrift store)
3 Tins: $1 (dollarama)
Necklace & ring: $1 (dollarama)
Hair clips: $1 (dollarama)
Change: $1.20 (my purse)

Total: $7.69
With so many birthdays my kids get invited to a year, I usually avaerage $10-15 for a gift.  $7.49 sounds pretty good to me!

What do you think? Would your daughter love to get something like this?

I am linking up to the parties on my menu.


Kim Hawryluk said...

Hey Charity! Saw your blog post on facebook and thought I'd take a look - I know I would love to have it FOR my daughter!!! Looks great! Too bad you already gave it away, I'd pay you for it! :)

Sarah Q said...

Hey Charity! I also saw your blog on facebook...I've been getting into thrifty decorating lately and I like your ideas! Keep 'em coming!
Sarah (Russell) Quinlan

Sager Studios said...

This is adorable. You know she won't be getting duplicates of this at her party. I bet it'll be a hit. Very awesome project!!!

Sweetarita said...

You are amazing!!! So cute and my favorite part is that you went home and dreamt about it! Doesn't crafting just make you happy.

Charity said...

Thanks Kim! And sarah, trust me, my obsession won't stop soon! I'm gald I was able to make her something fun and different, this may be the start of something! And Larita... I dream the weirdest things! But I always wake up with answers!

Unknown said...

This turned out great! What a fantastic gift! I love those rub-ons too! Thanks for sharing @ ANYTHING RELATED!

Kaysi said...

That is so fun!!

Cassie Bustamante said...

that is soooo cute! i love the color you picked and the little buckets- very clever!

~L~ said...

that is so cute!

join me for SHOE REVAMP WEEK 4/24-28

The Denmark Family said...

omgosh that is so beautiful !!! just found your blog and am loving it!!!

Unknown said...

Nice, I love Diy project. Thanks for sharing your idea. God Bless! TheFamily

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