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Wednesday, June 9, 2010 |
I was inspired to start this blog after I googled "decorating ideas", and came across blog after blog after blog, that I could not stop reading! Finally I got an idea to makeover a hutch that I had sitting in the basement. From there, I haven't been able to stop. With all the linky parties going around with everyone's creative ideas floating about, I just get more and more inspired! I feel like having this blog has been a good thing for me, because I usually will start something and not finish it (tell me you are like that too?!!) But NOW, I am actually getting things done! Ya-hoo!

I love to make things from odds and ends. I LOVE thrift store shopping and garage saleing. I can't wait when summer comes and those bright florescent signs go up on every corner. I love saving money, so I will shop at garage sales for birthday gifts, Christmas, anything I need for my house I can usually find at a garage sale! ...You get the point.

I am drawn to to pretty colours, fabrics, photos, textures, shapes, details, etc... I love to surround myself with beauty! Even if you don't think it may be beautiful, I can see the potential. My blog is named "All Things Beautiful" for that reason. That I think everything is beautiful, or has the potential to become beautiful, you just have to have the eye for it.

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