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Thursday, November 18, 2010 |
So the sweater that I posted earlier to make these cuffs, also gave me the pleasure of becoming my new pillow!

Let's start at the beginning.

This old thing...

Has seen the end of the line.  But it's being reincarnated.

First she needed a good pilling.  (I don't know what you call these, but if you ever buy clothes second hand you need one!  All those furry balls on your sweaters get eaten up by this little do-dad.)

A pillow lining I just had lying around is finally coming in handy.

Scary, but invigorating!  I tried not to wiggle it too much so she wouldn't start fraying on me.

I had to pull her pockets off so as to not obstruct the final product.  Plus do I really want pockets on my pillow?  Weird. (I'm guessing someone out there has a pocket on their pillow for a tv remote though!  Because people are just so weird about things like that - please don't say you have one)

While taking away her pockets, I cut a small hole (OOPS!)  But anyone who has ever used nail polish to stop a run in their nylons would think like me and use a glue gun to stop the sweater from fraying, right?  Don't worry, it's not that noticeable.

Then I stitched the heck out of it because I didn't know what stitch I should do to stop it from fraying, so I used 3 different stitches and went over it again and again!  This baby isn't going to give me trouble, no sir-eee.  If you're thinking it looks all bunchy, it does! But it's not noticeable when I flip it right side out.

I loosely hand stitched in between the buttons to keep the rumples down.

Now that is one classy lady!

Go ahead grab that old sweater and give her a little snip, snip.  I have to say I like her a lot better now.  This has become my new favourite couch napping pillow!

I'm sure I have seen these around, but I just came across them on the Pottery Barn website for $59 each!!!

I have to say, that I prefer free!  

Don't you?


Unknown said...

this is total genious!!! it literally looks so expensive and chic! you are GOOD girl! i love the cuffs on your little one too... so smart!


glad you liked my goofy husband pics... i wish it actually embarrassed him a little, he sort of loves when i post about him doing goofy stuff... i might just start a blog all about him!

Ann On and On... said...

I did that recently too! I knew there was a better way to enjoy it.

It's A Priceless Life said...

That is totally too cute! What a neat way to upcycle a sweater!! I'm your newest follower...come check out my blog when you have a chance. :-)
Shantel @

Shannon said...

Looks great! I saved two old sweaters last year hoping to do a similar project this year. Your prost reminded me to get started and look for a sweater with buttons or add my own because they are cute!

Now a follower :)
Visit me sometime at http://enjoylifeandlove.blogspot.com/

Erin @ Crafts and Sutch said...

Just wanted to let you know that I featured this over at Crafts & Sutch today! Please stop by to take a peek and grab a SUTCH an Inspiration button! :) Thanks so much for sharing!

Sommer said...

Hi I'm here from My Backyard Eden linky! Sadly this was the only thing I saw so far that I thought was worth looking at. I just finished a slipcover for my new/old sofa and thought these pillows would just make it so perfect! Then I saw the first picture of the victim and thought "Oh no! She murdered that perfectly cute sweater!!" LOL I would so totally wear that haha! But I love the pillow! And I want soem for my sofa, thanks for the great little tutorial!

Sommer said...

Thought I'd let you know I just highlighted this on my blog ;P www.designergarden.blogspot.com so so cute!

Anne K. said...

SUPER pillow and I totally agree - far superior to the pricey Pottery Barn variety!!

Unknown said...

Just darling. I love that it has the buttons on it. Well done . . so cozy

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Love this! Cleverly done!

Sherri said...

Super CUTE! And I totally love the price.

Lauren @ 31diy said...

Wow, it is so gorgeous! I am in LOVE with your sweater pillow. It's perfect for fall and winter weather, too. I feel like I need to head to my local thrift shop and pick up a sweater and give it a little "snip snip." Ha ha.

Thanks so much for sharing! So glad I found your blog. I'm your newest follower.


Robin Ange said...

So comfy looking. thank you for linking up to my linky party over at www.thetshirtdiaries.com

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I love your cardigan cushion. I did one a bit like this a while ago. I used the buttons as the opening to the cushion. If you'd like a peek, it's here.

I have to say, rather shame-facedly (is that a word?!), I prefer yours!! It has a better end shape. Soon after I posted mine up, someone put it on their blog and said 'it was lovely but if I stuffed it some more then it would give a better shape." It was true!! I have stuffed it some more since then!!

Anyway, sorry for the rather long ramble. My point is: your's is gorgeous!


Liz said...

Love it! I found a great sweater at Goodwill last winter, but I've lost some weight since, and it just makes me look like an elephant now. I'm totally gonna reuse it to make some pillow covers!

Liz said...

And so, I did it too! Here's my post

Flannery @ Three Sisterz said...

very cool! i just went through my old sweaters to donate but i'm thinking i'll make some pillows instead!

flannery @ threesisterz.blogspot.com

Ashley said...

I just saw this post...but I love it! Your so creative charity

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