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Thursday, January 6, 2011 |
So, I wanted this fireplace in my bedroom, to fill a spot and add some coziness to the room.  I bought the fireplace last year off Kijiji for $40.00.  But it was just a frame, and stayed that way for about a year.  I wanted to get some glass tile to put in it, so I kept my eyes out for some.

So, to start I searched for glass tile.  I found them for $18.00 a sq ft at most places! Yikes! Then I found a shop that sold them for $1.99 a sq ft!  And guess what... they were the same kinds!  Phew, I just saved myself over $200 for this project (*wink- as if I would ever spend that amount on a small project!)

I picked this tile which was the closest to what I had in mind.

But I didn't want the black.   SO what did I do?  Grab a few sheets of tile, and PICK out all the black!

My hubby found some extra particle board from a work project, and he found just my size.  We cut the sides, and screwed them on to create this:

I set it out to make sure I had enough, and to cut them to size.

And got to work on the tile glue.

My daughter nabbed my camera, but did pretty okay with it.  She got me laying the tile down.  Yes, I am doing this on my bedroom floor.  Wouldn't you?

So now, I have gaps I have to fill with the extra tiles I bought.  Good thing they were only $1.99 a sheet. I started to fill in all the missing spots.  I wanted this to be mostly grey and white.

Once all was in place it is time to grout. 

(p.s. I waited OVERNIGHT for the glue to dry before I started grouting.  I am an impatient person, so I was proud of myself for doing the full wait!)

I got my grouting equipment:
Sponge -Lowe's 99 cents
Box of grout- Totem- 8.99
Trowel- Hubby's

Set out my fireplace insert...

Added the grout.  (This was surprisingly fun.  I think I like tiling!)

Had some unexpected help from this one:
(who also got into paint as well- notice the red eye!  BATHTIME!)

Wiped it down lightly once.  Let stand for an hour (again with the patience!  Remarkable!)
Then wiped it down clean and that was ALL!

My hubby says I didn't need to seal it because it is decorative and no water will be getting on this.

And all is well.

Yes, those are my Christmas decorations.  And No I don't still have them up, I am just late posting this.

I am thinking of filling my fireplace with tall candles, or a white berry wreath.  

What do you think?

Cost Breakdown:

Grouting equipment- $9.99
Particle Board- Free
12 tiles - $24.99
TOTAL: $34.98

I'm joining in the Winter party at:

What a better way to warm up winter than a fireplace!!


Mrs. Micek said...

Oh my gosh!!!! I am in awe of you! I absolutely LOVE your fireplace! It is gorgeous and tiling?? Wow I'm impressed!
I too am a "do-it-myself" mom but I've never tackled that! Maybe next year when we finally move I'll get a chance! :)


Tara @ Tara Being Tara said...

What is the website where you ordered the tile??

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

That is just beautiful!!!! Where did you find tile for 1.99? Can you order on line? I think candles would be fantastic but have you seen those cans filled with stuff you can burn for fireplaces. They are like a quart paint can filled with a product that burns with no harmful fumes or anything. With all the money you saved I would look into that, oh and you put crushed glass around them, so stunning! Great great job. I love tiling too, just LOVE tile period!

Jennie said...

I vote, tall candles! Great job, by the way.

Tiffany A. said...

I love it Charity!! Way to go!!

Kendra said...

Love it! I vote tall candles as well:)

Unknown said...

I say go for candles, it would be faux fire! I love it, it looks awesome!

Sager Studios said...

Great job Charity! I think tall candles would look gorgeous on it, and provide a more relaxing an romantic feel to the room. :)

Meredith said...

Great job on the tiling! I'm a candle kind of girl, so I say go with the candles! :)
Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

Lisa said...

Very pretty! You make the tiling process look so easy!

chris said...

What a fabulous tile job...and you got it for a steal! Very cool.

Kristy said...

That looks amazing! I'd too love to know where you go the tiles from. I want to tile my backsplash with those! I'm following now!

I hope you'll come enter my contest for a Thirty One Tote at

Megan Gunyan said...

Wow, so beautiful! I love the tile, you did a great job. And, with your little helper right by your side!

Charity said...

For all of you wondering where I got the tile, it's from a place called "The Tile Shoppe". GREAT PRICES!!

Stacy of KSW said...

Glorious! Great eye too, I never would have picked that tile for the fireplace, but it turned out so stunning. I actually did a little makeover on my fireplace today. I added a large round mirror and man, it really made it pop. Still need to find a mantle though ...

Rachel said...

a. your blog is ridiculously lovely

b. holy awesome, look at that fireplace! i love it!

Christine @ said...

wow, what a great job! I also vote for candles.

Sandy said...

What a wonderful project and it really looks nice!
I also am interested in your surround.. I'm looking for a design to create a fireplace mantel and yours is quite nice...
I like the way you removed the black and replaced them with new color tiles..
I just bought an Amish heat/insert and now to make the faux fireplace in my living's just too chilly in that room and I so want what you have.. beautiful job!

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

Awesome. Love the colors. Where did you get the fireplace?

Jill said...

This is incredible!! I also love that you managed to do it on the cheap! Great job!

Jayna Rae said...

Gorgeous!!!We just tiled our fireplace this year in a very similar fashion. Ours is the blue/grey hue of that tile. We paid about the same price for it on sale at Home Depot, but it took us three years of looking before we got that price.

Kristin said...

Very pretty! I love that you customized the tile by taking out the black you didn't like!

Amy said...

Looks SO GREAT!!!! Love it :)

A Whole Lotta Magic said...

Your fireplace is fabulous, Charity!

Great job!


Holly said...

Gorgeous job! That's awesome that you found it at such a great price, and made it exactly how you wanted it!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

I absolutely love this!! So gorgeous! I'm your newest follower. = )

KLM said...

It looks fabulous and I LOVE that tile! I was actually looking at that same color combo this weekend for the floor of our master bathroom shower! :)

You did an awesome job!

Karen said...

Gorgeous...I'm doing this in the new fireplace I'm going to create around my pellet stove. I'll link it back to you when I'm done. Thanks!!

Arabella said...

Wonderful job- thank you for showing us how to do tile...I've been wanting to try it for a while.

I'm a new follower from Whatever Goes Wednesday.

Would love for you to visit sometime at...

Thanks & Happy New Year to you!!!

Logan Living said...

This is beautiful. I love it!
Just discovered your blog and you are so inspiring!

Be sure to check out my blog:
Accessories Please.blogspot

Macey at Olivia Renn said...

So pretty! Thanks for linking up at Olivia Renn!

Jess said...

Just wanted to let you know that I featured this post today on FTF! Thanks for linking up and grab a featured button if you would like one! :)

The Single Nester said...

Hello!! Awesome. Just love it.

Ray* said...

We have the same taste in tile. I just finished remodeling my powder room and used very similar tile. Check it out here:

I really love what you did with that fireplace - it looks great! What a fantastic idea. Tiling my fireplace is a project on my list too!

FineArtPainting said...

Wow, that is an amazingly successful project. I love mosaics and you've done a great job both at the project itself and at making it sound so simple!!

Thank you so much for your tutorial and your contribution to our DIY CRAFT TUTORIAL linky party at

We love featuring great articles like yours and appreciate people following the party 'rules' and linking back to us so we can all share in the fun.

Look forward to seeing you again next week on this basis!


Unknown said...

Beautiful work!! love the colors of these tiles. Really tough to arrange these.
Tile Cutter

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS!! I am getting things all ready to make a faux fireplace, and seeing what you did was inspiring! Thank you for sharing! Check out my blog too!! Smiles, T

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