An Easter Craft

Monday, March 29, 2010 |
So with my last post of all the fun Easter craft ideas, I decided, "okay, lets make one".  So I had been to the thrift store and purchased these fun things.

I am waiting to find a good silver cleaner to clean up this lovely brush set, and I have a spring idea for the glass vase (if that's what you would call it), but this Easter basket was a ready to use purchase. Even better!

The best part is it was only $3.49.

So I pulled out my box of Easter/St. Patrick's Day/Halloween box, and with so many labels on the box, why was I so suprised to find only a few Easter items in it.  Mainly some plastic kids eggs and a egg wreath.  So I wanted to make a cheap project because in just over a week it will all be back in the Easter box for next year.  

Here is what I gathered up for my supplies: plastic eggs, mod podge, foam brush and scrapbook paper scraps.  A good way to use up some of the many scraps I have.

I used less than 3 sheets  12x12 scrapbook paper and covered 10 eggs.  My girls even helped out, by cutting the scrapbook paper into small strips, and then into squares.  I figured squares would be better than strips because they would bubble less.

I then mod podged all the squares onto my eggs. Here's a hint: I modged the outside of the egg first; one square at a time, and rubbed it with my fingers to stay flat.  Then I let that dry a little and did the other eggs in the meantime, then I went back and did the top and bottom of all the eggs.  

I had some yarn leftover that I had bought from the dollarama.  It's pretty and fluffy and will make a good filler for the bottom of my basket.

So here are my eggs, basket and yarn.  All I have to do now is put them together.

I am happy with the way they look.  Kind of shabby chic.  Here is the end result:

Yay, so cute!



great job charity! so creative!!! I totally saw that basket at the thrift store this week - too funny! What a great find with the brush set, it's so pretty!

Charity said...

I'd passed it by once, and finally got it. I love that place. So many things to makeover!

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