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Thursday, May 27, 2010 |
This may not be exciting for you, but it is SO exciting for me!  We have a fence!  We rented the basement suite of this house from my brother in law 4 years ago, and mentioned putting a fence in back then...

With 3 little ones at the time, and living in a basement suite that was tight, it was so nice to be outside...

We LOVE being outside.  But I had to keep a close eye on the littles ones every second.  A year went by, then another...

Finally after 3 years renting we bought the house off my brother in law, and moved to the upstairs.  Now was our chance to do what we wanted.  We put the posts in right away.  But... as summer went on, it seemed like everyone of our friends had all these projects that they wanted my hubby's help with.  Our fence stayed as posts for a year.  What's one more year?

Finally Spring this year has arrived, and guess what is on my mind?  Let's finish the fence!

It took a lot longer than I thought it would.

Full day after day of work, kids eating whatever they can grab from the fridge, watching the younger ones in the process, wanting to help drill, running around and playing ball while boards are being put up....

After a few days of work hour, by hour, I can see this lovely space coming through for me.

The process was a mess!!!

And left us with more work to be done! (what happened to the grass? -hmmm)

I am so thrilled to no longer be finding dog poop that kiddies can bring in the house on their shoes, dead grass spots from dog pee, cat poop in my gardens where my vegetables grow, garbage blown all over my yard because we are the only ones without a fence, and finally a little privacy from all the cars driving down the alley and looking at those crazy people with the toys all over their lawn.  Sheer bliss, to have a little nook where we can enjoy being together.

I'm going to love the summer!


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Tonia Lee Smith said...

You give me a little hope, I want to chance my old chain link for a wood fence.

Sweetarita said...

I love the pic of you and the drill....you are so beautiful even with power tools in your hands.....Awesome fence!!!!

daniii♥ said...

The fence came out nicely. Great job!

(visiting from nff)

Elizabeth said...

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Happy Friday!!

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