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Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE the colour turquoise!!!  So I was enjoying a moment to myself while my girls were off playing barbies, and I was searching etsy (which I also LOVE!), and I thought I would share a few of my favourite things...

These earrings are so pretty, and they would pop so nicely on anyones earlobes.

Wow!  Am I ever in love with this artist (meArtDesign)  I love this style and ooooh that colour!

I love carrying around notebooks.  I write everything from poems, to meal plans, from crafts to make, and dates to remember, etc...

I love eco-friendly bags that you can tote around library books, shopping purchases, or your kids things...

I LOVE dishes that are plain with a little surprise pizzazz! 

Oh, so cute pins for an updo!

Look at these pillows!  Ahhh...  Great fabric!

Wouldn't you love to have something this fun in your entry or bathroom, or whereever else.  This shelf could go anywhere!

This is so the ring I have been looking for!!

How pretty is this rustic turquoise picture frame?!

This is the sweetest vase.  What's cute about it is the quote that (Red Hot Pottery) put under the description:

There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly. ~Richard Buckminster Fuller

Do you LIKE or LOVE turquoise?

What would you pick out as your favourite item above?

I would say, I love all of them, but of course I do, I picked them out!!  But the white dishes with the turquoise insides is what I would want right now.  So summery, and pretty.  Did you know I love All Things beautiful?!!


Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Love love love the print! I am looking at her Etsy shop right now!

Sager Studios said...

I LOVE turquoise too!!! I love all of the selections you made. I think the one I would most want right now would be the book. I love to write, and I've always loved having paper on hand. :)

Erin Wallace said...

Turquoise is my favorite gem ever! I can't get enough of it. And the color goes with everything! LOVE

xo Erin

Fresh Poppy Design said...

I definitely am loving those colors! They all look great, great inspiration. In a few days I'll be revealing the rest of my bedroom (to match my lamp) and there is a bring turquoise headboard! Check back :)

Anonymous said...

what a nice surprise to see my little hair pins in your pretty post! thanks for including them. :)

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