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Friday, July 23, 2010 |
Okay,  so a funny story: - maybe ridiculous to you, but it made me laugh!!

Funny story:
So I am out in my backyard doing some weeding and trimming of my flowers.  Making things beautiful, and I am pulling weeds when I accidentally pull a flower out!  Shoot!  So careful as I can be I dig a deep hole and place the traumatized flower -root and all- in the new hole, and I carefully fill it with dirt and hope it will still live!  As I am going around weeding the rest of my backyard I see more of that same flower I pulled out!  I come to the realization that I have taken careful effort to replant a WEED back into my flower bed.  Uggh!  So off I go to not so carefully rip it from my bed, and throw it in my burn pile!  hahaha.  Ya, I know, crazy!  Haven't you done the same?  No...?

Anyways, on with the show, I am posting some pictures of a the flowers in my backyard that make me happy with their vibrant colours!

(this picture I had to take off line because my camera is acting funky, and won't load my photos)

I've read in gardening magazines to pick a colour palette for your garden.  It had never occurred to me that you may want a colour scheme in your flower beds.  So as I am looking through these magazines that tell you what colours look good together, and picking pastels, or monochromatic colours... I have decided (or lets just say my eye decided- because I am attracted to beauty) that I like bright, bold, vibrant colours!  So, without a thought I have a bright flower bed, and I think it looks pretty.

What is your colour scheme?  Maybe you didn't know you had one? I didn't, but there it is for you -Vibrant!


Katie @ Team Skelley said...

I have realized that I planted a lot of pink flowers this year- vinca, roses, and petunias: all pink! I must have done it subconsciously because my daughter is obsessed with the color! I am going to try for some more variation in the fall. I love the primary color boldness that you did- I think I will try a similar color scheme when it gets cooler! :)

Charity said...

See, I got you thinking... what's my scheme!?

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

beautiful pictures. I am featuring your his and her gift idea today at

Michelle said...

Wow, those storm cloud shoots are fantastic as are the rest of your summer shots. I love the amusement park swings.

You have a great eye!

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