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Wednesday, October 13, 2010 |
Halloween is coming... Do you have your kids costumes?

I like to ask my kids what they would like to be first, then I go on to think how we can put it together without going to the store and spending $20-30 on a COSTUME for 1 day!!  It is my pet peeve that I find these thin little, no shape, style, or creative costumes, that look worse than just buying pajamas and they are so expensive!!!  Do you know what I am talking about?

Places I like to go to find my costumes are:

The thrift store - for either pieces of it, or you can find a costume that someone else spent $20-30 on and get it for $5!

Garage Sales - I always see costumes for $1 at garage sales in the summer, and I pick them up.  

Dollar Store - I like to pick up the accessories here, like make-up, hat, guns...

Friend's Houses - borrowing couldn't be better!  Free, and you can swap if you have something they could use too!

Here are my kids last years Halloween costumes:
(bad lighting because it was dark, and cold outside, so I had terrible lighting and indoor shots only.)

This little stinker was an adorable skunk!  (bought on an online garage sale for $5 -t shirt and tights she already had)

My little lady (bug) - this was borrowed from my sister in law, and she used her own dance jumper, and tights.

My sweet bride - my sister owned this gorgeous white dress, and I bought the flowers and head band at a garage sale $1

What a handsome bandit!  I used his church dress shirt, his jeans, and he got the hat from my brother, and his bandana was free.  I bought him guns from the dollar store, but he couldn't find them when I was taking his picture.

Here are a few costumes I found online that I thought were easy to throw together, easy to make, or just so dang cute!

This cat costume is so easy to do!  In fact I was one.  All black, a tail and ears!  Easy enough!!

Haha, an Oompa Loopma!!  This is so cute, and weird!!

This is so cool, and easy to make.  A fun lego man.  Cardboard boxes people!  They are wonderful!

This is so fun!!  I don't know how you would sit in it, but very creative and cheap!

This costume is from recyclable materials!  So CUTE!  I suppose you could sit on a skate board to shuffle around!

This is what I am talking about finding at the thrift store (shirt, hat, gloves).  You could find all these things to create a mime.

Aww, Some really big hat boxes, and you've got a cake!!!  You could probably make one from bristol board too.  Again, how do you sit?  But what a creative idea!

I love this one!!  Mario!  Very simple, easy, and fun.  Again, hop over to your thrift store.

My cousin was "Where's Waldo" a few years ago, and I thought it was such a great idea!!

This gnome, is SO creative.  You can do it!!  Look closely at how easy it would be!!!

Do you already have your kids costumes?  Or yours?!!  

If I am brave enough, I may share some of my past costumes with you (we'll see.  I may need some convincing!)

I would love to see some of your ideas!!  I'll link up a halloween costume party just before Halloween, so you can send me some of your fun ideas!  Even if they are past years!


Anonymous said...

I really love the gnome. That is the cutest thing!

I know when I was a kid, my mother made most of my costumes - I was a calico cat one year and a dalmatian another, both made from sweatshirt and pants, painted with fabric paint and with handmade ears and tail. I was a cowgirl on and off, all of which we already had, since I wore it most days anyway. When I was in ballet, I was a fairy princess one year - I wore my own tutu, white turtleneck, tights and slippers, but Mom made my 'tiara' and fairy wand. It's less about costume price and more about the memories!


Charity said...

Love it Kate!!

Eye-Luv Makeup said...

how cute!!!! Best Halloween costumes are made by moms. My mom made my costumes when I was little too so true its all about the memories :)

Ann On and On... said...

I love someone who thinks ahead...garage sale costumes shopping is a great idea! You had some fun costumes too!

Unknown said...

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Cuttysark said...

Great collection of halloween costumes, thanks for sharing!

Cheers and hugs,

Halloween Costumes ideas

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