A little Bit Awkward, A Little Bit Awesome! #2

Tuesday, December 7, 2010 |


-doing the walk-through of my basement suite with the new tenant (single guy), and having him remark on the cool blue toilet.  And then I said something like this in return, "At least that way you won't see your pee all over it"  -then silence.  I said WHAT?!!!  Holy awkward!!  But it's true isn't it?  I have four brothers and a boy, I know how it is!  I guess you shouldn't say things like that to men when they are older...

- having a party where everyone is an hour late.  Let's just say, I ate my cake and THEN they showed up -don't worry, I had more after with them too.

- having a photo shoot with only spring clothes to wear and its terribly cold out!  Brave faces everyone, and I'll give you candy when we are done!

- at the gym on the treadmill when there are only two of us there, and the girl right beside me lets it rip (holy stinky lady, are you kidding me!!!)!  Okay, I threw up in my mouth and slammed on the emergency stop button and stormed out the door.  Trust me, it was that BAD.  But it could have been worse, I could have let all the thoughts in my head spew out at her, but I am a LADY and will bite my tongue.  I would say this would be more awkward for her, but absolutely and completely an awkward situation.


-getting my family photos done by my sister without me even asking her!  I Love them!

-All the fam lying on my bed to watch Home Alone together!  And the kiddies laughing their heads off when the bad guys get hit in the head with bricks!  (should they really be laughing at this?)

-reading a good book curled up in front of the fire! Okay, well maybe it was more like -sitting with my back right to the glass of the fire to get me warm kind of reading- still enjoyed!

-starting our family advent calendar and doing all our fun activities together as a family

-being done my Christmas shopping and having it all wrapped and put away!  Yay, here come the holidays!

What about you?  Awesome?  Awkward?  Do share!


Vanessa said...

Nice to see another generation watching "Home Alone", they did an amazing job of making the movie feel like a timeless classic for the holidays. Slapstick and deplorable violence will always be funny!

And I love Awkward moment #1, it's true! I grew up sharing a bathroom with two older brothers and the horror that comes with that. I have the bad habit of blurting out awkward but true statements like that, too. I was a terrible cashier...

the thrifty ba said...

i have 2 boys and i make the hubby clean all the bathrooms...it is his gender that makes it messy-right?!

Ann On and On... said...

The stinky lady made me LOL.

Miyan said...

your blog is so cute, and so are your kiddies.

great post. i posted an awkward & awesome as well, here http://miyan-overseas.blogspot.com/2011/01/awkward-awesome-saturday.html



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