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Friday, March 11, 2011 |
I have this thing lately for zebra print.  Do you care for the look?  I'm talking small doses of course.  I have my eye out for a zebra rug for my daughter's room.  I can't stop it, everywhere I go I look at the rugs, and I have come across a few, but they were NOT a good thing.  Too small, and too ugly.  I want to go bold with a black and white, not beige and brown.  Here are a few fun pictures I found online that are feeding my obsession of zebra print:

The black and white is so fresh with a sprig of green.

It's just a small dose, but it sure draws my eyes in!

Black, white and yellow looks great too!

This floor will do!

Just a single chair and it adds all the pizazz this room needs!

SO, if you find a cheap zebra rug that delivers to CANADA!! then let me know!  Until then, my eyes are peeled (what a weird saying...)!


Emily said...

My sister in laws have a zebra print in their room. They are little stools and so cute. I will have to ask my mother in law where she got them. They just add a little bit of fun to the girls room.

KLM said...

2 of my dining room chair have zebra print on the cushions :)

M.O.T.B said...

OH MY! I love Zebra! Love it love it! These are awesome. I think my husband would even let me get away with this!

Unknown said...

It's very cute ... even cuter when a little pop of color is added into the mix!

I stopped by to let you know I finally completed my version of the Meal Planning Board that was originally inspired by you! Feel free to hop over and take a look!


Ann On and On... said...

Love the last photo! I did leopard today....

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