How to Make a Shelf From a 2x4

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 |
My sister knew I was on the lookout for some gorgeous mirrors.  Ever since I saw this on the pottery barn website:

So she called me up one day saying she found some beautiful mirrors at my favourite store (Homesense), and was describing them over the phone.  Anyways she bought them for me, and not for a great price, but when I saw them I was so in love with them that I kept them anyways.

BUT... first I wanted a shelf under the mirrors for going in my dining room, so I started looking around the house.

I found a stash of wood in my garage, perfect!

I found a 2x4 and started sanding...

I used Minwax American Walnut to stain the shelf.

p.s don't use bare hands when staining (lesson learned!)

Even a plastic bag is good enough when you don't have gloves.

I haven't put a sealer on it yet, but I have satin finish Varathane to use on it. Which you just use a paint brush to brush on.

I had considered buying a shelf from Ikea, but after spending money on the mirrors, I decided the shelf had to make up for the cost, and I am happy with the rustic look.

The anchors holding the shelf were cheap ones from Walmart that were white and I painted black.  I didn't think they were a great choice but  they were only 99 cents each, where as the others were $7.00 each. No way was I spending that much on 3 anchors.  Besides I like them now, and think the look of them is perfect (kind of like barn hinges).

Okay, you want to know the cost of the mirrors (I would if you were writing this post).  $35 each.  Worth the money! I love them!

So there you have it!  My new dining room...

WAIT, something is missing...


A wide open space for my baby to ride in!  
(it had been raining for a week)

P.S.  Dining room table is my next project.  Hopefully soon, as we are eating on the floor!

Cost of Shelf:

2x4 wood:  free
3 anchors: $3.00
Stain: borrowed from sister

Total: $3.00


Michelle said...

what a wonderful job you did.I have no idea why there are so many links for my blog? My apologies.

D+B said...

Your blog is so cute!! I will definitely be following you!! :) and will be watching your blog to learn some new things!! I would love it if would check out my blog and follow me back also!!

Hanz, Fashionista Era Design said...

absolutely great ideas!! so impressed with your blog really nice!!

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Karen said...

Your shelf couldn't be more perfect with the mirrors.

Rachel said...

I like it - the brick looks so real in the last pic!!

Lolly Jane said...

Love it. Great job (:

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