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Tuesday, January 18, 2011 |
This ones a teeth grinder for sure!!  Too much sewing for an under-developed sewer like myself.  But alas, the project is done, and if it weren't for the beautiful magic of the flower as the finishing touch, I was deeply considering tossing this project and calling it a lemon.

The flower that saved the day!!!  And makes me want to make a thousand more because they are SO easy, and SO cute!!

Okay, so... to start at the beginning:

I had this dress of my daughters, which she out-grew, and it had stains on it, so I couldn't give it away, and it was too cute to throw in the trash.  So I decided to make this project with it.  I call it the "pencil purse".

First, I chopped it up, and sewed these two squares.

Then I measured what would fit inside my pencil purse.  This is how I did my measuring (I know, so professional hey?!  Don't laugh).

After MANY hours, and MANY thoughts of calling it quits, it all worked out in the end. Even though my sewing is not great, it is too cute to throw out.  And I am sure my daughter won't care.  

The sketch book was from the dollar store, a place I know they always carry them, and they are cheap to replace when finished.

Okay, so the flower that saved the day:

I cut four circles out and found a cute button to add inside.

I melted all the sides of the silk circles to give it the raised texture. This was fun!

After I had my flower in place I sewed them together (if I knew where my glue gun was I probably would have glued this, but maybe it's better this way -stronger).

The back of my flower.

The finished flower.

I added some ribbon to tie the ends together on my pencil purse (I'm calling it mine- hmmm.)

Feminine and fun!

Trust me this project deserves LOTS of pictures for the pain in the butt it was to sew.  But, I LOVE it.

Should I keep it?  Shouldn't I keep it?  Hurry up and make up my mind because my daughter will be home pronto...!

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KLM said...

What a cute pencil purse! I really love the zebra print with the pink and the flower just creates the added touch. Great job! :)

Laura said...

How sweet! It's very elegant.

Unknown said...

I want one for me!

So cute, love the flower.


Sager Studios said...


Sweetarita said...

The flower is so cute!!! you will have to teach me how to do it. As for the pencil purse.... YOU are the most amazing creative girl I know!!

Charity said...

Gee thanks sweetarita! Blush, blush.

Unknown said...

I think it's lovely!!! :) I really like the material and how it all goes together! In fact, we would love for you to link this at Fancy This Fridays this week! :)

Simply Domestic said...

It is beautiful!! Love the flower on the front!

Ann On and On... said...

Super cute and great idea! I'd share it with her. :D

Stefanie said...

The pencil purse is adorable, I was hoping you were going to have a tutorial on how to make that DARLING dress. My four year old would be overjoyed if I made her a dress that cute. That's it, I'm going to attempt that dress from the picture you posted. Wish me luck!

Jess ( said...

I love it! What a great gift idea! Thanks for posting.

Megan Gunyan said...

That baby is yours! ;) I need to go find a dress I can rip to shreds and make one of these things. I love it!

bless their hearts mom said...

too cute- you get to keep it as it has way more memories for you! Great idea to recycle cherished dresses!

Buckeye Mom said...

Okay. This is much too cute and much too great of an idea! My daughter is in her first year of 4H and is taking a sewing project. THis would be a great starter project for her. (I'm not suggesting that your sewing skills are "starter level.") ;-) In fact, this would make a great gift for her to make and give to a girlfriend. It never ceases to amaze me how happy an 8 year old girl can be with a new notepad and colorful pencils. If only they would remain this easy to please!

Rachel said...

That is amazing! She will love it (heck I love it!). I can't wait to see what else you do!

Unknown said... not where u guys r on the globe, from the other part ..Arabiana :) advance techniques of wrapping thrills me like anything.. the way everything put together to make such a simple, elegent, feminine gifts is way way sooo beautiful... u r Gifted.. keep up..

Molly said...

That is super cute! I agree that the flower does make it perfection...I love the combination of zebra, blue and pink. Your hard work definately paid off!

KatrinkaJane said...

Fun! What kind of fabric was it?

Unknown said...

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