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Thursday, March 11, 2010 |
So I am wanting to paint my bedroom a different colour.  Currently it is the same colour as the whole house.  A gold/sunset yellow.  Which I love, but am tired of and the house hasn't been painted in 9 years, it is a bit scuffed up.  I have lived here for 5 years (3 in the basement, 2 upstairs)  Now that we own it, I want to have fun:)

So here are some ideas, tell me what you think?

First I found this one:

It's nice, but almost a green.  Then there's this one:

Nice.  (maybe too light???)

This one is more along the lines of the colour of blue I was thinking.  A dull grey-blue.

Now, none of these rooms look like my room, but I will take a picture of it to give you an idea.
This room is a nice blue...

Okay, so here is my actual room at present:


Here is the paint I picked out so far  (Wilton Blue), but it looks a lot differently on the one I have....hmmm:

So what do you think?  Do I have a blue room or should it be something else all together?  if you have a favourite  blue that you have painted in a room, send it my way.  Ideas welcome!

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