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Wednesday, November 3, 2010 |
So, it's Wednesday, and well... who needs a laugh to keep them going this week?  Well I have one for you.

Now before you watch this video, notice these funny tidbits:
-how happy she looks at the beginning
-how I just can't control myself and think I am so funny!
-when my daughter first notices me interrupting her dance session
-when she calls me a butt head!  
-how mad she is at the end!

Now things to ignore in this video:
- my hair roots extremely grown out!  Ugh.
- me still in my workout clothes
- how there is a stash beside my dresser
- how terrible my wall colour is!
- lastly, how I hadn't gotten around to doing my daughters hair that day yet (it was still early *wink)

And can I just say that when we watched this video afterwards we could not stop laughing (yes my daughter too), no hard feelings were left for the Momma.  And she still enjoys watching this every now and again to get a good laugh.

(music credit goes to Metro Station- Shake It)

Enjoy your day!!


kristin m. said...

ohmygoodness!!! that little video literally made me cry --- from laughter! that was SOOOO FUNNY!!!! i would have bet a million bucks that was my daughter 10 years ago! thanks for sharing!

Ann On and On... said...

That was so funny.... I love the head movement (the oh no you didn't...)at the end.

Cassie Mickelsen said...

I just found your blog through my photography blog(Pink Paisley) I love your blog! So now I am following your's. And thanks so much for the sweet comment you left me :)

Ms. MacKenzie said...

SO adorable (and thrifty!) Thanks for sharing. I am super excited for Christmas too!

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