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Friday, November 5, 2010 |
So, Halloween is over, and yes I have slid easily into the Christmas mode,  but...  I never did get to hold my COSTUME PARTY.  I couldn't figure out the linky thing...  I ay need some advice, or just more time to find a way.

Until then, I am posting my recent kiddies costumes and entering this halloween party for fun.  Come on over to Love Stitched to get your costumes in.  There is a prize to be won from the best!

My handsome little jailbird!

Of course, I can't help but share where I got these cute costumes:)
Shirt and pants: $2.99 - thrift store
Ball and chain: - my mom
Handcuffs: $1 Dollarama

A brightly coloured whimsical witch!

Dress and hat: borrowed from my Sister in Law
Tights: $1 - Dollarama

Cutest monkey EVER!

Costume: $1 - garage sale!!  (jackpot!)

My little ROCKSTAR!

Wig: mine from earlier years
Vest: her baby sisters:)
Shirt: hers
Pants and boots: sister in law
angles: $1 Dollarama
Sparkly makeup: $1 - Walmart

A fun group shot!

I hope everyone had a great time Halloweening!!

What's next... Christmas!  Yay!!  I can't wait to pull out my Bing Crosby and Michael Buble Christmas CD's.


Sager Studios said...

Yay for Bing Crosby! I am already feeling the christmas urges. I will have to check out the Michael Buble christmas cd. Never heard it yet!
Fun pics Charity!

Ann On and On... said...

Fun and inexpensive! They are so cute!!!

Vanessa said...

Beautiful costumes and photography all around. I LOVE the rockstar costume, that looks like a LOT of fun to wear! :)

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