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Tuesday, April 12, 2011 |
I went to a Bridal shower for my soon to be sister-in-law (remember the pillows I made), and at my sisters house she had this cute banner up all around her house... 

So I copied it!

I even called to have her send me a photo of the paper she used because I have the same pack, and I wanted to do this the easy way, and not think about it!

I added more blue to it so I could use it for different occasions.  I have it up because it was my husbands birthday.  And yes I decorate for his birthday!!  My kids love it! and secretly my hubby likes it too!!

I found a pattern online, and just enlarged it (a pattern of a triangle??!  I know, but remember I wanted to make something fast and not think about it).

I copied my sister and used twine, because I had some, and I do like how simple it makes the banner look.

I made three banners.  One for my fireplace, and one for my entry (across the photos),...

...and a mini one for my new table.  But before I show you the table, I have to show you the before of this perfect wall.

Perfect in the sense that it is an open canvas.  I have been looking for a table to go here for a long time, and was looking to fix one up, but when I found this one in my favourite store (Homesense) I just bought it, and I love it!

And decorated it...

Anyways, the banners are put away again now, but will come out again for Easter soon!

I know you probably see these banners around everywhere, but there is a reason why... they are so CUTE!

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sarah nicole said...

That looks amazing, especially against the turquoise - come do mine, please? ; )

How did you get the lines so even and straight?



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