A Little Bit Awkward, A Little Bit Awesome! #3

Thursday, September 29, 2011 |


-visiting someones home... crossing my legs... swinging my leg (habit since... forever.  Do you do that too?) and having her kitten pounce, and grab hold of my leg, while I let out a shrill scream and fling my leg, as their precious kitty goes flying across the room!  Ahh!  Really awkward.

-wearing sunglasses in the grocery store because I was having a rough day and couldn't control the tears.  People were definitely staring.  Needless to say I raced around for what I needed and fled as fast as I could out of there!!

-having my husband ask me what the heck I am doing, because I am doing the bum stretch-wiggle-squat to fit into my jeans.  That for some reason (-a dozen or 2 oreos later - did I really just confess that!!) won't quite slide on like they used to.

-hmm, maybe how I have been missing from my blog for about 2-3 months with no hospital reason to be away for.  But hey, I started this blog, and I will post when I want to post!!!  (sheepish grin)

-having a broken camera, so I have been digging around the web for photos (hence the flying cat!)


-having a family vacation with my awesome troop!

-finding a place with cheap icecream!!  (Ya, that's my baby.  cute hey!!)

-Ummm, finding PINTEREST!  A love affair has insured!  (I even put a button at the top of my page to take you to my pins!)

-*sigh* school back in session!  I love my kids, but... oh the peace!!

-watching THE HELP in theatres with some girlfriends.  What a great show, and the book was fantastic as well.  Have you read it?

-writing another blog post!  That means I actually have a moment of time to do it!  Cheers!

What have you been up to?  Have you found any new blogs I should be checking out?


Mallory said...

You're definitely allowed to take a break from your own blog! I'm doing the same. I decided to go Private and haven't had much inspiration lately to write anything. Love your projects and I can't wait to see what else you come up with!

Anonymous said...

We read the help for book club on my blog in August. It's one of my favorites! glad you liked it!

Kylie said...

I just found Pinterest too! I LOVE it. So much scope for the imagination.
Your kitty affair made me laugh out loud (for reals). Thanks for being human!

Mallory said...

So glad I'm not the only one that has a hard time keeping up w/ my blog! And Pinterest... AH-mazing. Totally addicted as well!

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