Am I Alone Here...?

Monday, December 12, 2011 |
Am I alone here when I say...

-I leave my clothes on the floor by my bed, so if I am lazy the next morning I just wear the same thing as I did the day before.  Why do more laundry?  Why waste time on thinking of another good outfit, when you can just wear the same one!

Am I alone here when I say:
-I feel as if I have accomplished housework when I turn on the dishwasher and washing machine and dryer, then head out shopping and come back to a cleaner house.  It makes me feel as if I was in two places at once and no one would ever know.

Am I alone here when I say:
-I clean the house moments before my husband gets in from work, because trying to keep up on it all day and following the kids around to do it doesn't work for me.

Am I alone here when I say:
-I have in the past eaten enough chocolate to get a sugar-high so I can bounce myself into a workout with energy rearing to go!  *okay, definitely not as much as the picture, but doesn't that chunk of chocolate and her facial expression make you laugh!  (ok, maybe I am alone on this one.)

Am I alone here when I say:
-If anyones toothbrush in the holder touches mine, I toss it and get myself a new one!

There you have it... confessions from my life to yours!  

Tell me I am not the only one with these quirks?!  

Do you do it too???


ms.composure said...

LOL omg def loving this post! and you are def not alone! i do alot of the things that you listed!! (esp the toothbrush thing!)

So Sunny Day said...

Love this! I'm with you on several :)

~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

Unknown said...

haha you have said what a million of us have WANTED to say. Nope your not along! lol. :-)

(a blog all about COLOR!)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I do the same thing about cleaning the house too! I wait til right before he arrives and magically the house is clean for 30 minutes before it's wrecked again...

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