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Wednesday, May 16, 2012 |
I rarely ever spend full price for something, and Christmas is no different.  This year I bought most of my kids gifts second hand.  I know some people like that, and some would be repulsed, but honestly... I would not buy my son a $250 ipod touch, when I could get a almost new one on kijiji (second hand selling site), for $80!  He didn't care, and it does everything a new one would, so where's the problem.  I am GOING GREEN! they say.

So, my daughter was asking for a handheld game, and I found one second hand, and when I brought it home, it was in rougher shape than I thought.  Still didn't stop me from fixing it up!

Here is the before:

Ya, I told you it was pretty rough!  I scrubbed that sticker spot off, and here is what I did with the rest if it:

I used:
-nail polish
-permanent marker
-rub on stickers

The nail polish is my daughter's and the rub on stickers were from the dollar store that I already had in my scrapbook kit.

Here is what I did with them:

The "P" and the "star" are the rub ons, and the rest are just doodles.

I even did the side:

My daughter actually thought it was super cool that it was so funky!  

And, can I just say that after 5 months, all of the polish and stickers have not been damaged, scratched or worn off any bit.

So next time it's present time, think Reuse and Renew!!


Forrester (Liston) Family said...


Stephanie said...

Just curious though, nail polish usually chips so easily from our nails, how did you get it to not chip off? Did you put a special coating on top?

Stephanie said...

Oh by the way, it look awesome~ I forgot to mention that.

Meghan said...

2 thumbs up & a golf clap! Excellent job.

Ioana-Carmen said...

amazing sweetie ;)

Zane Wooder said...

It's always good to get things used for cheaper. Why not. Your going to save money?


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