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Thursday, November 29, 2012 |
So last year I made an Advent Calendar for my kids, and it worked out great.  However... I can't use it this year because somewhere along the way of counting down to December 24th, my dog couldn't handle the smell of yummy treats in the envelopes, and ate a few (envelopes, and treats!).  

So I don't know what happened to the last of the envelopes, but this year I made something new.  I snuck some of my kids Halloween candy (24 to be exact) and put it away just for this:

I just wrapped them in coordinating wrapping paper and printed numbers on my computer.  Taped them on and hung them by string.

Now I know I don't have to show you a picture of the process because you're brilliant and know how to wrap!  Can I just say that my wrapping is actually quite embarrassing!  Christmas morning is sure a treat!!  Haha.

My cute little helper, who watched most of the goings on, and hung them all up, making sure that the lower level did not touch the table!  That was her idea.  She's me through and through.

We usually do an activity each day of December as a family (sometimes big, sometimes super small), but my kids love that part the best.  Doing something together that's fun everyday.

All ready for December 1st now!

Lets hope the dog doesn't get them this year!!  What kind of Advent Calendar do you do?  Store bought?  Homemade? Something you've used for years?  Lets here about it...

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Victoria said...

This is adorable and so budget friendly! I hope it's okay if I pin it to my Xmas board on Pinterest:)

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